How to Use KineMaster-Video Editing-Crop in Android & iOS

What is KineMaster App

Kinemaster is an online video editor that is used to create professional-looking videos in minutes. It has never been more accessible or affordable for consumers and professionals to produce high-quality videos without specialized skills. Kinemaster is a video editing program that can be used on desktop and mobile internet browser versions.

If you are curious about how to use kinemaster, then this article is for you. This free application allows users to manipulate how a video appears, complete with transitions, speed changes, background stickers, background video effects, make a gatcha video, put music in gatcha life, move audio, remove background noise, animations effects, speed up or slowdown video, zoom in zoom out, text overlays, audio tracks from music libraries, or recorded directly from an audio source such as a microphone.

Unlike kinemaster Mod APK(without Logo), If you made a video using ordinary KineMaster, There might be a KineMaster Logo on your video which is frustrating sometimes. Download Our modified Version of KineMaster to prevent yourself from this. Kinemaster has been designed for intuitive usage for new users while having advanced capabilities, so it’s useful for professionals who need more functions in their editing process. This article will provide information about how to use kinemaster, how it works, and the benefits of using this program over other video editors currently on the market. So follow the article to get more knowledge about this apk.


Download and Install KineMaster First

First, you need to download the latest version of Kinemaster. We have a modified copy with no watermark in which our team has modified all its settings. Our Kinemaster Mod Apk for Android is the Premium Version, 100% free and easy to install. But with KineMaster Watermark Remove steps, you can remove the watermark if you use the ordinary kineMaster instead if KineMaster Mod Apk.

How to Use Kinemaster-Step by step Guide

When you are done with the download and installation and curious about that how you should make video in kinemaster, follow the below kinemaster Video editing tutorial to create an outstanding project. This user guide will show you how to edit videos on kinemaster in your Mobile phone in a step by step manner. You can use these steps for video editing on your iphone, Android or whatever phone you use. If you want to use kinemaster on your PC, you can do that as well by installing an emulator.

Prepare Concepts and Material

This is a crucial step, especially for making videos to promote your business or product. Many things need consideration when creating a project. Such as a storyline with a clear message and an exciting plot – this way, it will be easy to develop it with the KineMaster application. But what about just entertaining yourself? Don’t get hung up on concepts because all we have to do is record ourselves doing fun activities like playing games etc.

Creating a New Project

Launch the app on your phone and if you don’t know how to open kinemaster, simply tap the kinemaster icon and a landing page will greet you with an option by the name of Create New Project (the Plus symbol)



kinemaster android
create new project


Then choose what Aspect Ratio will best suit where it’s going: 16:9 for YouTube, 1×1 for smaller projects, and 9:16 for Instagram are more appropriate. Next up, we tap into the Media browser – here, you will find all of the media, i.e., images or videos. So Upload the video or image you want to edit

How to use kinemaster
Set an Aspect Ratio

How to Crop or Trim Video in KineMaster

If you want to trim a video, select the video, and a yellow video frame will appear around it. At the above right corner, there will be a scissor icon.

How to crop video
Scissor Icon

Tap on that icon, and you will get four different options means that you can trim your videos in 4 different ways. If you want to trim and don’t know how to use KineMaster then follow the below 4 steps to achieve the highest level of video editing. These are just simple steps anybody can do, so no need to worry. Just follow these and you are good to go.

  1. Trim to the Left of the Playhead: You can see it in the pciture below, remove the left part of your video by tapping this.
How to use kinemaster
Trim to Left of Playhead

    2. Trim to Right of the Playhead: Following the picture below, tap on the option and cut the part of the video at the playhead(the red line on your selected project). So if you want to remove a specific part of a video, keep it on the right side of the playhead and tap on this option and you will be able to remove the right part of the video.

how to use kinemaster
Trim to the Right

    3. Split at Playhead: As the name indicates, you can cut the video into two portions at the playhead so that you can add your desired audio in between.

How to Use Kinemaster
Split at Playhead

    4. Split and Inert Freeze Frame: By tapping this, a still pic of your video will be added between your moving video. We all know that a video is a combination of moving photos that move quickly. You will see your selected video in the form photos below in the playhead portion. When you tap on this option, your video will split into two portions, and that photo will be added upon which the red line of the playhead lies.

how to use kinemaster
Split and Insert Freeze Frame

You can also edit images by using kinemaster photo editor option

How to Use/Add Transition in KineMaster

You want to add a bit creativity to your video but don’t know how to add transition in kinemaster? Here are the steps you need to follow. Select the video for adding transitions. Suppose your video is 15 seconds, and you want to add transitions at 9 seconds. Keep your playhead (red line) at 9 Seconds and tap on the scissor icon. You will get four options. You have to click on the option “Split at Playhead.” Your selected video will be split into two portions by clicking on it, and a plus sign will appear at that point

Add Transition Effect


Click on the plus sign to add transitions. Many options will appear, so select the effect of your choice and tap on the tick mark that appears above. Your selected effect will be added when you tap on the tick mark. If you don’t like these transitions for your video, scroll down and click on option to “Get More”. Upon clicking, you will find many more Transition effects in your kinemaster. Simply Download it will be shown there in the Transition’s list. To remove the transition you have added, Click on the “None” option at the top of the effet’s list.

How to Use/Add Text in KineMaster

If you want to add text to your video, the first step is to decide where to add Text to your video. Suppose you want to add text at the start of your video, then keep the Playhead(red line) at the beginning of the video and click on the Layer option. It will show different options, and you have to select the “T” (text) option. After selecting Text, write your Text and tap on “Ok” or “Tick Mark” to add Text to your video.

Kinemaster pro ios
Add Text in KineMaster

To add color to your Text, tap on the “Dot” option, and it will show you different color options. Select the color of your choice and tap on the tick mark. You can also increase or decrease the size of your Text from the rectangular bar surrounding your Text. If you want to turn your text then turn it from that rectangular bar. You can also change your text position. To change the font of your Text, Tap on the option “Aa” and you will find different font options. Select your desired font.’

If you don’t like the fonts given there, go to the KineMaster Asset Store, which will be there at the top right corner. Go go to the store and enjoy the Unlimited text styles. If you want to change how the Text comes into the frame, Tap on the option “In Animation.” It will show you many more options under the “In Animation” e.g., clockwise, drop, scale-up, etc. Select the option of your choice. To change how Text goes out of your frame, Select the “Out Animation” Option and select your choice. Down there(0.5, 1, 2), you can set the speed for your text “in” and “out.” If you don’t want any option you have selected, tap on the “None.”

By selecting the “Rotate/Mirroring” option, you can rotate and apply the mirroring effect to your Text. You can control the behavior of your Text by tapping on the “Overall Animation.” For setting the opacity of your Text, Tap on the option “Opacity.” To develop a fantastic outline that surrounds your Text, Tap on the “Outline.” You can also set your desired color and width for your Outline.

Also, change the background of your text by tapping on the option “Background Color.” Under this option, you will find a slider by the name of “Full Width Background.” By enabling this, you can make your background stretch the entire width of your screen. While using Kinemaster, you can set a new and advanced background to your text. You can use kinemaster for name editing as well. Download it, Explore it more and make your Text more mesmerizing.

How to Use/Add Music to KineMaster in iPhone or Android

Music is an essential component of any video, so to add Music to your video, place the red line on the area from where you want your Music to start. If you’re going to add Music from the start of the video, keep the red line at the beginning. If you want to add Music somewhere in between, keep the red line there. Whenever you fix the red line, tap on the audio icon and select the audio in your phone. Kinemaster has its Music Library, so you can add Music from there if it suits your requirements.

how to add music
How to Add Music in Kinemaster

Many royalty-free sites provide copyright-free Music, so you can knock on their doors as well. After choosing the Music, tap on the plus sign. The Music you have choosen will be added to your video. That’s all about how to add audio or music in kinemaster

How to Use Ducking in KineMaster

You don’t know what is ducking in kinemaster? The answer is, you may have noticed in some YouTube videos that when the YouTubers speak the background music gets lower and when they stop speaking the background music automatically start increasing. This lowering of background music is called ducking. Doing all this manually is so time consuming. Kinemaster provides you a ducking option by using which you can do it with a few taps.

How to do ducking in kinemaster
Ducking in KineMaster

To enable the ducking option, click on the background audio, and you will find its option by the name of Ducking with a slider. Enable the slider to Enable the Ducking Option. To set its volume, click on the volume icon above and set its(fx) volume according to your need.

How to Save or Export Edited Video in KineMaster

When you are done with your editing and now in the mood to export it, click on the Share Icon on the left.

How to save video
Export Video

You will get another page where you can set the resolution and frame rate for your video. After setting it, Tap on the Export option to export your video.

How to save video
Export Video


I think by following the article, your queries about how to use kinemaster are clear now. Video editing is not only trimming, cropping, and burning. With KineMaster, you can make your videos look professional by drag-and-dropping the footage onto an easy interface! The powerful features let even those without much video experience spruce up that old clip from college into something well worth sharing with all of Facebook’s friends – or saving as wallpaper for later inspiration!


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